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Every day hundreds of songs are uploaded to the internet. It can be a struggle as an artist to stand out and be consistent with the music.

At Starboard Music, we focus on producing fully original Beats & Instrumentals for artists who want to create music that sounds unique.

  • Make 100% original music
  • Get into creative flow fast
  • Create with confidence by using beats recorded by experienced musicians

build your song on unique instrumentation and beats

Ever felt like all the music has already been done before? Same loops and sounds everywhere? We understand.

As experienced musicians, we emphasize real instruments and recording takes to give the beats authenticity and live feel.

If you're looking Type Beats to rap to, Guitar or Piano Type Beats, RnB or Pop instrumentals...

With our beats, you'll have unique instrumentation and arrangement to build your song on.


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share new music to your fans already today

Working with our beats is simple, fast and safe way to make original music, and you'll sound like you came out of a professional studio.

So turn on your mic, grab some of those beats  with instant download and make some music today. Your fans are waiting.


That's okay. We want you to feel completely safe working with our beats.  That's why we offer free tagged download of all of our beats if you need time to get familiar with them first. Just hit the download icon found on each beat on our store. 

Purchased beats do not have tags on them.

Request custom/exclusive beats or loops

Custom Beats Info:

We are happy to do custom beats exclusively for you and make them fit 100% your style.

Fill the request form and briefly describe what kind of sound you are after. We will reply to you with our estimation of the work and pricing.

If you don't need whole beats, you can request also exclusive: guitar loops, drum loops and patterns etc. 808 loops, synths & sound design etc.

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