professional music-making - in a fun and easy way

Artist - are you struggling to create songs? Or do you need some fresh ideas to get your creativity flowing?

The reality in the music business today is that you have to be able to release music consistently, and it has to sound unique. Sounds hard? Well, it is. But we can fix both of these problems for you.

At Starboard Music, we produce original mix-ready beats and instrumentals that artists can use in their songwriting to create music that sounds unique.

Experience professional music-making - in a fun and easy way.

Craft Your Sound With Authentic Beats & Instrumentals

If you're looking to create authentic music and share something original with your fans and followers, then you've come to the right place.

As experienced musicians, we emphasize our own recording takes, instruments and musicianship in our beats. The samples we use are always clear and chosen from trusted sources only.

You can rest assured that the music you create with our instrumentals will be truly authentic.


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Working With OUr Beats

We always ensure that our beats are properly balanced, well-mixed, and have enough headroom.

You can drop your vocals on top without ever having to worry about disrupting the mix.

If you have any questions or need support to complete your song, you can always contact us. We are here to help.

Not Ready To Buy Yet? Try For Free

That's okay. We want you to feel completely safe working with our beats.  You can download a  free tagged version of any of our beats, if you need to get familiar with them first.   

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Purchased beats do not have tags on them.


Exclusive beats

Request custom beats via the contact form. Custom beats will be made only for you, and will never be uploaded to public marketplaces on our side.

Please describe type, genre, mood etc. in your message. You may use external links.

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