We are a group of experienced musicians making music and beats together every day. Our combined skills cover wide range of genres and multiple instruments. We know how to build a powerful musical engine so that you, the artist, can just hop in and grab the steering wheel.

Tommi Hakala

Music Producer, Musician, songwriter


Main instruments: Guitar, keyboards

DAW of choice: Bitwig Studio

Alongside of being a music producer, Tommi is an experienced session and live musician and guitar player. His melodic guitar playing often has a central role on Starboard Music's beats and instrumentals.




Olli Hakala

Music Producer, Musician


Main instruments: Bass, keyboards

DAW of choice: Ableton Live

Olli has a strong foundation in complex and progressive music. He can deliver jazzy and smooth prog rock basslines that are a perfect fit for chill type instrumentals.

Ville Lehto

Music Producer, Musician


Main Instrument: Guitar

DAW of choice: Cubase

Ville has a great ability to think out-of-the-box when it comes to music production and beatmaking. He often brings interesting ideas and sound effects to the production table which make the beats unique and atmospheric.