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Introducing Alt. Mixes - More Choices For Artists 

This weeks beat drop introduces something new. Alongside with the full instrumental we've made also two alternate mixes. In this case there are:


1. Piano only version 

2. Piano + orchestral version


This will give more room for those artists who want to bring more of their own artistry on top of the instrumental by using only the most core elements of the composition as their a basis.

And there's more - Alt. mixes are cheaper! 

They can also be a good low-risk entry for those who are not yet familiar with beat/instrumental licensing but want to try it out.


We hope you'll enjoy the freedom and options that alt. mixes can give you!


A Custom Beat Just For You 

Went through our beats but didn't find exactly what you were looking for?

Don't bounce back yet! We can fix this. Here's how:


You can send us a request to make a custom beat only for you. We have a submit form on our front page where you can describe in detail what kind of sound you're after, and link us reference tracks of your own, or tracks from your favorite artists.


As we like to highlight on our page, we are actual experienced musicians. And we just love challenges. We're used to chasing different sounds and genres, so we'll deliver you exactly the sound that you're after.


So, go right ahead and hit the 'Request Custom Beats' form on our front page and let's get to work.


Contacting Us (You Might Be Rewarded) 

The chill of early September days is here. Hope you're doing well!


In this post I want to say briefly few things about contacting us. First of all, please do contact us if you have any questions about our music and beats. We are very happy to assist.


Ways to contact us:

1) Contact page

2) Direct email (see bottom of the page)

3) Social media (see bottom of the page, or ABOUT page)

4) Messenger icon in our beat store


No matter which way you choose, you'll be communicating directly with us. Not with chat bots, 3rd parties or whatsoever. And with this being said...

Please understand that it might take a while for us to respond. We are working people with families to feed. We are normally able to reply within 24 hours.


Thank you very much for your patience!



Tommi / SBM


P.S. And once more, please do contact us. We are here to work with you. We can even bring the prices down for you. All you gotta do is ask.

Introducing Blog 

We've been happily watching the traffic numbers go up on our site lately. This has made us feel that we could talk a little more to our visitors instead of being some distant producer figures somewhere on the other side of the globe (yeah, Finland).

Hence, on this blog, we want first of all to give you useful updates regarding our music production and beats. Secondly, this blog is open for interaction. Feel free to ask questions or leave us feedback. We appreciate all of it.

Of course, you can always ask us questions also outside the blog (contact page). We are more than happy to help.


We hope to see you here in the future!


-Tommi, Olli & Ville / SBM


P.S. English is not our native language so we appreciate your patience :)