Contacting Us (You Might Be Rewarded)

The chill of early September days is here. Hope you're doing well!


In this post I want to say briefly few things about contacting us. First of all, please do contact us if you have any questions about our music and beats. We are very happy to assist.


Ways to contact us:

1) Contact page

2) Direct email (see bottom of the page)

3) Social media (see bottom of the page, or ABOUT page)

4) Messenger icon in our beat store


No matter which way you choose, you'll be communicating directly with us. Not with chat bots, 3rd parties or whatsoever. And with this being said...

Please understand that it might take a while for us to respond. We are working people with families to feed. We are normally able to reply within 24 hours.


Thank you very much for your patience!



Tommi / SBM


P.S. And once more, please do contact us. We are here to work with you. We can even bring the prices down for you. All you gotta do is ask.

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